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5 Simple Tips For Becoming The Best Version of YourSelf

The life and circumstances around us are filled with pressures of all kinds. These pressures sometimes fall on us, to the point of making us act, become, be, think differently. It’s easy to get carried away by the trends and opinions of everyone. There is nothing really embarrassing about that. Unless, at the end of the race, it fills us with sadness and frustration. Not knowing yourself, not knowing your limits is also part of our daily challenges. Here are 5 simple things to do to get closer to yourself.

Want it

Want it - I Wear The Word Of Life

It is not surprising that in our society many live just their lives. Without a particular goal, without a clear objective to reach, without envy, almost without life. This choice belongs to them. But if you want to become a better version of yourself, it starts with desire, with the will. You have to want it. Not just as a wishful and distant wish, but sincerely, to the point of being ready to take the necessary steps.

To be or to want to be, that’s the question

Be True To YourSelf - I Wear The Words Of Life

Before aspiring to become, one would sometimes have to take a break and realize who one was, and who one is, at a given moment. This step is tricky, because if it is poorly done, it could turn into self-censorship. But the goal is not to limit his aspirations, quite the opposite. The objective is rather to open our eyes to the reality we live or express, in order to identify with the greatest possible objectivity our strengths and weaknesses, to take the right actions.

Without this separation, some will just try to become the higher version of their personality, without, perhaps, having previously succeeded in establishing their current achievements. Some higher stages, to manifest themselves, are based on pre-requisites. If they miss, it is the failure and the frustration ensured for the future.

Be honest with yourself Identify the good and the bad

Be honest with yourself Identify the good and the bad - I Wear The Words Of Life

Far from photos, social media posts, make as accurate a list as possible of your good points and your worst points.

  • What things do you do, understand or feel naturally, almost effortlessly?
  • What activities bring you peace and joy, even if you exercise them when you are tired?
  • What are the things you think about in time and against the weather, which you dream about, to which you bring all or almost everything?

At the opposite,

  • Are there things you have done often or always, but never understand them, or that require too much effort on your part?
  • Do some activities, even trivial ones, make you feel uncomfortable or sick, even if you do them in great shape?
  • What are these activities that, when you think about them, fill you with stress?

Review your environment

Change Your Environment, if needed - I Wear The Words Of Life

If you sincerely wish to be a better version of yourself, that will probably also pass through your environment. Because the environments in which you work, sleep, eat influence you directly or indirectly, and can reinforce your good or bad habits. By environment, we mean atmosphere, furniture, real estate, people, etc.

Thus, if you want to become a better organized person, it will probably be necessary to review the organization of your work table. In some cases, it will be necessary to go so far as to change the table itself. It is true that the heart of change is us. But all these elements or external people can consolidate our approach, or undo it.

Be open to (constructive) criticism

Be open to (constructive) criticism - I Wear The Words Of Life

Surrounding yourself with the right people is not always easy. But when it is done, do not hesitate to collect the comments of those around you. For this to work, it is imperative that this environment is constructive by nature.

Our minds are not always ready to receive criticism. It often comes to us in the depths of our hearts, bodies, emotions. But it is important to take the distance, to take them as unpalatable drugs, but whose actions will be good for our body in the short, medium or long term.

Being open to criticism in a healthy environment is the first step. Do not steer when they arrive and take a step back to analyze them is the second step. But the work so far is incomplete. Indeed, it is important, in the end, to take the actions and measures that will enable us to become better versions of ourselves.

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