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Build The Rules

Our time does not want rules anymore
Our time, more than any other in history,
Wants to get rid of codes, although or not mischievous,
To the point of returning any form of order in the dark.

Rules are supposed to be right.
Several rules seem twisted, however.
We can understand, those who do not want them.

Is it enough to decide to always be passing?
For more and to have those who still exist, to be destroyed or deformed?
To treat as old and disconnected those who are still attached to their respect?
To trample all that we’ve defined so far as a society?

The test of time is often a fair judge.
Certain attitudes or decisions do not appear under their real nature
Until sometimes after several years of assumptions and conjectures,
When the nebulous reasoning has no longer valuable support, steady structure.

In the meantime, instead of breaking everything,
Would not it be better to build or rebuild?
These rules tend, and sometimes enormously, might not be trying to straighten them out, readjust?
At the limit, dismiss them, replace them better and more appropriately?
Instead of work, instead of claiming.

Break the rules.
Uh! No thanks.
Build the rules.
Yes, willingly.