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Change Your Speech and Become a Better Version of Yourself

We live in a particular world. It often happens that the great consequences come from very small causes. Yes, it happens that small actions have huge consequences both around us and on ourselves. In a previous post, we’ve invited you to sometimes take the time to see small enough, to be sure to reach your big goals. Today’s post will head in the same direction.

It’s very easy to ignore, forget or not consider what we are, or what we do on a daily basis, because that’s part of us, and we do not pay attention to it anymore. That’s what happens with our attitudes, our behavior, our mood, our habits and many other things, including our speech, our way of speaking.

You may not know it, but the voice, and yours in particular, has direct effects on your thinking, on your body, and even on your soul, deep down. In reality, it is the sounds as a whole that have such effects. But while it’s easy to accept that a song may have the power to make us sad or completely excited to the point of dancing all day, many find it difficult to recognize that a voice (the one of those who are side, or just theirs), can make them … or destroy them.

Positive thoughts

You have probably already heard people refer to the power of positive thoughts. You have probably seen posters, books or publications on the subject. Many high-level athletes or people who have had many successes in their life or career claim to cultivate these positive thoughts.

In a world that is unfortunately less and less good, filling one’s mind and thoughts in positive, inspiring, uplifting images is likely to have a significant impact. Our goal is not to question that principle. On the contrary. Maintaining positive thoughts is necessary if one wants to live one’s life on brighter paths. But that is not enough. For this must at least be accompanied by words!

Join words to toughts

Thinking is not always enough. As proof, how many of you would be satisfied if the person you love most admits (sincerely) he or she always thinks of you, without ever (really) ever calling or coming to meet you, when he or she could? Not many people, I guess.

Thinking is a good start. But if you start your race as a Ferrari, but for one reason or the other you do not cross the finish line, you will lose, to the point of not even appearing in the final listings.

It therefore becomes important not only to nourish our intellect with positive and inspiring things, but to go further and express them in an audible way. There is no need to sing like a Castafiore, but at least express yourself loud enough to be able to hear yourself.

Good words

You find it strange to talk to yourself, even if it’s to say positive things? I understand you. But what is less well understood is the fact that we are sometimes quicker to audibly express completely negative things.

For example, you forget, in the middle of winter, your mittens at home, and you find yourself by -20 degrees in the cold. “How stupid I am!” Or “What a foolish”, or “Insane!” are unfortunately part of some of the words we will express naturally, without even realizing it. No effort is made. We speak loud enough to hear ourselves, and even loud enough so that those around us hear it too. But what is said is negative, devaluing, limiting.

Another example is when we approach a new situation, for which we do not necessarily have all the data or information. If we are asked whether we will be able to do it, to accomplish it, many will answer, probably for the sake of modesty, something like “We’ll see” or “I’ll try” or “I’ll do my best”. It may be modesty or a concern not to appear pretentious that leads you to express yourself in this way, but the consequence is the same: you add to yourself limits to what you can do, be or become, and you send reducing signals to your organs and senses.

Change the formula

Changing habits rooted deep within oneself is not always an easy undertaking. But to get there, you have to gather several ingredients:

  • maintain positive thoughts
  • seek and understand the true meaning of the words that surround us and that we use on a daily basis naturally
  • avoid terms that may limit us directly or indirectly such as
    • I can not
    • I’m not going to
    • I do not like
    • it is complicated
    • nobody has ever done …
    • we’ll see
    • I’m going to try
    • I’ll do my best
    • etc.
  • introduce terms that can promote our growth
    • I can
    • I will
    • I am able to
    • (if you’ve never done it before) I’ll learn how to … it
    • I will understand it
    • I will work it out
    • I am able
  • say and repeat them regularly, audibly until it becomes natural, a part of you

When you do, you will align your organs, senses, and abilities with your thoughts and aspirations. And if your aspirations are high and bright, then, in turn, you will be high and bright too!