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Fear No More

Fear is a feeling that envelops us so often
It’s a feeling, a sensation
But there are several variations
We are talking about fear when instead we should say fears
There are many of them that paralyze and suffocate us
Those that make us lose our means,
Those who change our personality
It’s a few times for the best
But it’s very often for the worse
Statistically, it’s mainly for the worse.

Our fears arise when we become aware of a danger or threat
This reaction is often instinctive
It unfolds without anyone realizing it
These emotions result from an awareness
But who dictates this awareness/consciousness?
How is it constructed?
The vagueness surrounding the answers to these questions
Explain why 2 similar individuals
Can develop totally opposite reactions to a situation
For one, it will be banal, rightly or wrongly
For the other it will be potentially lethal rightly or wrongly.

Name your fears

To envision a respite, we must begin by naming our fears
They must be identified. Clearly.
Instead of being surprised, we need to understand.
We should try at least.
Put a name on our anxieties
Put a face on our oppressors
Because one of the greatest forms of fear
It’s facing the unknown.

If the unknown becomes known,
While the unknown used to scare us,
Chances are that after, the list of our anxieties diminishes (or explodes)

Analyze your fears

Our awareness feeds on various influences
Our living environments (family, friends, acquaintances)
Our society
Our eras, and sometimes those of our loved ones
Our values ​​and beliefs
Our knowledge, right and relevant, or wrong and completely absurd

What is the probability that some of the sources of our fears
Are irrelevant?
Analyze your fears
Try to understand the origins
And release your spirit once again

Face your fears (one at a time)

Some criminals, even caught in the bag, do not get discouraged
Some fears, even identified and analyzed, will not always want to leave
Some are real, dangerous and cruel
Others have been there for far too long
In either case, you have to stand up and look right in their eyes
We must confront them
In this kind of fight, we must not neglect the help we can receive.
Fear does not hesitate to surround itself with several negative emotions when it wants to annihilate us
We should not have pity on it
Let’s go to battle with maximum support
Family, friends, acquaintances, positive thoughts
The victory will be all the more beautiful
The experience will only be richer