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Many People Do Not See Small Enough

In this season of major resolutions, how is it that traditionally, few of them arrive at the end of the year? How can we explain that already many of these resolutions have failed? The (real) reasons are numerous, and the theories are even more so. But today, we will only look at one of them: many people do not see small enough!

See Big

At the beginning of the year or period, many of us think big, look far, hope hard. This is even more true when the year just ended was average or nil. We sincerely believe that it is so, that it is excellent. But we also know that it’s almost never enough. Because to see big neglecting to see small, it sometimes ends badly. And sometimes it does not even finish at all.

See Small

We live in a society where we are pushed to be more, to appear more. Our desires, our forecasts, our needs, our expenses, our worries are growing day by day. By focusing on what is big, big, good, far, we forget so easily to look closer to us, and prepare the immediate. Like it or not, for tomorrow to come, we will have to go through today. Whether we accept it or not, before reaching a kilometer, we must first cross the centimeters. Whether one is aware of it or not, for January 2020 to arrive, February 2019 will have to come first. And so on.

What happens if you plan with great fanfare what you want to become next year, if in your mind, what you will be tomorrow is unclear? Chances are 2020 will find you equal, if you are lucky.

Tomorrow is the son of today. What we become tomorrow is above all the sum of all we have been, and we are, between today and tomorrow. Planning tomorrow, next week or next year, without taking the time to define how the interim periods will be, is therefore unfinished business, which is likely to fail.

Work In Progress

To see oneself big is a good thing. But we must not forget to remember that until we reach the goal we have given, we remain works in the making. And a work in progress, it is maintained on a daily basis.

Congratulations for your resolutions, and what you expect to have or be December 31, 2019. But what have you planned for tomorrow?