Quand les enjeux sont grands | When Stakes are High

When the stakes are high but the future is bright…

Yes I know! It’s a little weird to announce that the future is bright in Canada in late September. Because everyone already sees winter and its icy demands coming 🙂 It’s even worse when you consider the sports season. Canada has been blessed in 2019, with two major accomplishments: The...

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What Comes Next - C'est Quoi La Suite - I Wear The Words Of Life

What Comes Next?

Here we are at the dawn of the US Open. Just a few weeks ago, Roger Federer, once again in the Wimbledon final, had the opportunity to further increase his...

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Regain The Upper Hand - Reprendre le Dessus - I Wear The Words Of Life

Regain the Upper Hand

Today, more than ever in the history of humanity, we are easily invaded by and cultivate all kinds of negative internal states. Worries, murmurs, discouragement, defeatism, negative...

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The Genius In You - I Wear The Words Of Life

The Genius In You

It is more than likely that if people knew exactly their full potential, their strenghts and what they want out of life, they would probably achieve greater...

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When Life Is Going Too Fast - I Wear The Words Of Life

When Life is going too fast

If you’re not careful, things are going to jump in all kinds of directions in your life, and you with them! As Elvis once said, if things...

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What Defines You - I Wear The Words Of Life

What defines you?

Even though some resolutions might already be out of race at the beginning of this year, we understand that something needs to be done, it’s time to...

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Time To Change - I Wear The Words Of Life

Time To Change

The season of results has arrived. We look back, we examine what we did. What can we change? What worked? What did not work? What are the...

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Fear No More - I Wear The Words Of Life

Fear No More

Fear is a feeling that envelops us so often It’s a feeling, a sensation But there are several variations We are talking about fear when instead we...

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Build The Rules - I Wear The Words Of Life

Build The Rules

Our time does not want rules anymore Our time, more than any other in history, Wants to get rid of codes, although or not mischievous, To the...

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