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Quo Vadis: Where are you heading to?

It’s sad to say, but there are many people who just live and are trapped in the chain of events. No specific direction. And when sometimes there are directions, they are vague, very unclear. It’s a shame because on arrival, there are many frustrated, sad and bitter people we have in society. However, to remedy some healthy habits and consistent can be enough. Let’s discover what goals can change in your daily life.

Start somewhere

Start Somewhere - Commencer Quelque Part

Life can sometimes be complex. There is so much to do. There are so many things that can be done. But where to start? What to do? In which order? These are some questions that, on their own, can sometimes discourage people from the start.

To ask questions is a good start. But do not stop at the questions. The next step is to write, preferably on a newspaper or notebook, the objectives that we set. For a start, it does not have to be too orderly, too perfect. Because it sometimes becomes an excuse not to move forward.

The goals we set ourselves, not just mentally, are a starting point. It may not be consistent from start to finish, but at least if you follow them, they will allow you to evolve, to change position.

Motivate yourself regularly

Se Motiver Régulièrement - Motivate Yourself Regularly

To move forward calmly, we sometimes need motivation. This motivation can come from family members, people around us, our friends. But sometimes, giving oneself simple and clear objectives can be enough to motivate us, especially if these objectives have been written. Seeing them, reading them will give us the fuel to go ahead and find solutions to achieve that.

To go further, especially if you have trusted people around you, then you can share that with them. This can only work if those around you act as levers, not as barriers.

Structure your activities

Structurer ses activités - Structure your activities

Our time is filled with distractions. If we are not careful, we will be sucked into activities of all kinds that, in addition to making us spend, will benefit many others, except us. It can be difficult to free yourself from this trap when you just live life on a daily basis.

With clear goals of life, we structure ourselves, we discipline ourselves, and our activities have a purpose, a meaning, a direction. Every thing you do contributes in one way or another to the achievement of your goals.

Measure progress

Measure progress - Mesurer ses progrès

We sometimes work, make efforts, without necessarily being able to know if it has been beneficial to us or not. How, in this case, improve? How do I know if it’s time to change strategy or not?

With clear objectives, it will be easier, after a while, to measure the progress made to see if

  • we stayed on the initial path
  • we moved forward or backward
  • achievements have been made and if so, which ones

These are all things that can help us move forward and become better people. It is very important to avoid going around in circles or advancing without direction. With goals that are not only mental, but written, that we can share with trusted people, our lives can reach new heights.

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