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The Genius In You

It is more than likely that if people knew exactly their full potential, their strenghts and what they want out of life, they would probably achieve greater success. But the issue is that sometimes, you do not recognize the genius in you because you’re picturing your inner self in the wrong way.

See for yourself : let’s say you have great inner capacities to be a football player, but you’re desperately trying to become a basketball player. We’re not saying that you can’t be both or even excel in both. No, that’s not the point. But in some cases, trying to become what you are not or not meant to be can lead to huge disappointments, as well as time and energy wastes, to the minimum, even if you finally succeed.

Judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree is uncredibly unfair for the fish, because you’re comdemning it to always be mediocre, where as its true nature and strength relies somewhere else.

One of the best ways to have peace in your mind and reach your full potential resides sometimes in your ability to understand yourseld, know your strength and your goals. You need to know where and how you can shine. Discover with us few things you do to lay the proper foundation.

Be in date with yourself

When life is going too fast, we find inevitably ourselves in a train in full speed without having any control on it. We lose focus, and we sometimes miss the right picture. When this happens, we need to take concious and sometimes radical actions for our own good.

We can for instance get away, on a regular, daily basis, away from the noisy world we sometimes live in. Get yourself completely off the distraction and get away from your work and any kind of screen. Do this for a couple of minutes. The amount of minutes (10, 15, 30, 60 or more) is not that important at this point. Rather, consistency is the key. Coupling this practice to meditation/prayer might be actually great as well.

Face yourself, your true self, without the glamour of social media or the pressure of life, and be still.

Establish or discover your priorities

To be honest, life and its ongoing activities is overwhelming us, to the point of making most of us loose our focus. In those moments where you’re with yourself, try to establish or discover what are some of the things which secretely drive you. thinkTo be honest, life and its ongoing activities is overwhelming us, to the point of making most of us loose our focus. In those moments where you’re with yourself, try to establish or discover what are some of the things which secretely drive you.

To achieve this, you can ask yourself a couple of questions. But do not necessarily do this mentally only. Try as much as mossible to keep a visible/readable track of this journey. Some of the things you might ask yourself are (but not limited to)

  • What are the things you like about yourself, whether it is physically or with your behaviour?
  • Of course, what are the things you dislike, and would like to change or upgrade?
  • What are the things in your life people around you explicitely told you they like or appreciate?
  • And what are the things you were told are completely non-sense?
  • Are there things you regret and for which you would go back in time to fix?
  • If you were given unlimited resources (health, money, time, etc.) what would be the things you would do or achieve?
  • What are the things you could be doing all day long without ever complaining?
  • What are the ingredients to a perfect day (or night) according to you?

While trying to answer these questions, as much as possible, be true, stay real. Do not try to look good, or perfect. The realer your aanswers will be, the most efficient this exercice will be.

Do not settle for less

No matter how much information you’ve already gotten, it’s never over. Life never stops teaching. In return, you should keep learning.

Learning comes from various sources : reading, listenning, discovering, experiencing, meeting people, helping/teaching others. In short, you have to expose yourself to positive stimulis.

Some of the things you could do include (but are obviously not limited to)

  • Reading, on a consistent basis, interesting and uplifting books
  • Trying new things, not once in a while, but rather consistently as well. Sometimes, trying to do old things in new ways can generate a lot of knowledge about yourself, the process you were normally going through, and people involved in the process.
  • Helping people around you, sharing for instance with them some of the knowledge/experience you’ve acquired. It is believed that when you share your knowledge with others, you actually reinforce it within yourself, while making others better.
  • Staying positive and aiming high in most (all) the situations of your life. It’s never easy, since life is sometimes blowing punches to us. But the way er respond to those might make a big difference in the overall experience.

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