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What Comes Next?

Here we are at the dawn of the US Open. Just a few weeks ago, Roger Federer, once again in the Wimbledon final, had the opportunity to further increase his lead over his immediate pursuers if he wins. But he lost. He stayed put. His opponent, Novak Djokovic, took the opportunity to get closer to him and Rafael Nadal. This year, his two biggest rivals, Rafael and Novak, have won 1 and 2 major titles respectively. Federate does the spot. Now, in the Grand Slam rankings, Roger remains ahead with 20 titles, followed by Rafael at 18 and Novak at 16. Given the age and the advent of new and young talent, it is possible that Roger is facing a wall. What will be the outcome? Or rather what will he give to the events?

Indeed, this is not the first time Roger Federer has faced a wall, a disappointment. But so far, he’s always been able to bounce back. Against all odds. Here are 5 lessons we can glean from the lives of this exceptional champion and his main rivals.

Surround yourself with the right people

Surround yourself with the right people - I Wear The Words Of Life

At the beginning of his career, despite his undeniable talent, Fédérer was considered unstable in his emotions, immature. This is the kind of obstacle that can prevent someone from becoming a champion in the long run.

To overcome this handicap, Roger knew how to surround himself with a good team. She was able to coach him and help him channel his emotions. Several years later, Roger is often considered one of the quietest and most relaxed players in men’s tennis.

Believe in yourself and your abilities

Believe in yourself and your abilities - I Wear The Words Of Life

When Roger started systematically losing to Nadal in Grand Slam finals, many people started to say that it was over, that Roger would never win a major title again. It was said that he had no solution, that he was aging and that his reign was over. It was almost harassment.

But Roger has always kept his cool under these circumstances. Even when he lost prematurely, against Nadal or whatever, he kept saying that his game was in place, that the sensations were there, and that he knew he could win again. And he knew how to do it afterwards. Several times. Against the best.

The first time I started seriously hearing people say that Federer had to stop playing tennis because of his inability to find solutions against Nadal was in 2012. At the time, he had 75 titles in total and 17 Grand Slam titles. But seven years later, he has 27 more titles in total, including three Grand Slamtitles… How many talented people, young or old, do not have this track record? Many players will finish their careers without waiting for such a mark: 27 titles in total including 3 Grand Slam titles.

If Roger had listened to the others, all the others, he would not be where he is today, and many of the records he still holds would have since been surpassed. Walls and obstacles will always exist. The voices that ask us to stop too. But it is our attitudes and decisions that can give a different flavour to the events.

Know your limits, assume them and work on them

Know your limits, assume them and work on them - I Wear The Words Of Life

Roger is getting older. Roger is the head of a family that has grown over time. In such circumstances, it is no longer reasonable to impose on one’s body the frantic timing of the ATP. Roger knows it, Roger understands it.

For several years now, he has been able to slow down the number of his participations in tennis tournaments. And the results are there. There are very few (if not at all) players in the ATP, having his age, who are not only still active, but are part of the Top 20 (Top 3 at the moment), and who are systematically considered favorites to the final victory in each tournament to which they participate here Pent.

Know how to reinvent yourself

Know how to reinvent yourself - I Wear The Words Of Life

Roger is one of those players whose talent and gift are unique in history. His game, his elegance make him a player of his own. So much so that even some of his poor performances are enviable by several other tennis players.

Despite this extraordinary talent, Roger never stopped working. He never stopped training with seriousness and commitment. He didn’t even hesitate to reinvent himself at times, changing certain facets of his game, his routine or his accessories, to become even better.

This ability to reinvent himself has recently allowed him to defeat several times in a row Rafael Nadal, when it was imagined that he would no longer be able to do so on a sustained basis in a grand slam match.

Doing things out of fun and motivation

Doing things out of fun and motivation - I Wear The Words Of Life

Roger holds a crazy number of records. It is possible that some of these records will fall by next year. Even though beating, holding and improving certain records might be one of his goals, Roger has often said he doesn’t fix it. The most important thing for him is to keep playing tennis for as long as he wants, as long as it gives him pleasure and motivation.

When the motivation and the sacred flame are gone, he will stop. Not because of a defeat, nor because of an opponent or a comment in the press.

It's Time For Change, despite obstacles - I Wear The Words Of Life

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