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What is your name? Change it now, and here’s why

A Name is used to designate things, situations, people. This allows us to easily identify them, it allows us to qualify them. Names are rarely meaningless. The concern is that sometimes, in our active societies, we forget too easily the weight of these names. For better or for worse, their weight and meaning sometimes eludes or completely crushes us.

What does your name mean?

We probably have a name. Some of us even have many. But do we know where they come from, what do they mean? Not just our names. Even our last names. Because these are often loaded with meaning, meanings, memories and destiny.

If you’ve never wondered, it’s really not too late to start. Numerous etymological resources exist on the Internet, in encyclopedias, in libraries, to enlighten us.

How is this meaning true or relevant for me?

If you do your research well, you should come to one of these cases:

  • your full name (first and last names) each has an individual meaning. Sometimes, putting them side by side, we can even find a collective meaning
  • just some of the particles in your name seem to have meaning, first names in particular. Family names do not seem to have
  • No particle of your name (first name or last name) has meaning!

If you are in the 2nd or 3rd case, then I invite you to continue your research. Because it is almost impossible for a name to mean anything. One might not know what he means, but it is difficult that he has no meaning.

When most of the meanings have been found, try to see if any of these definitions apply or have manifested themselves in your life. Take the time to remember, as far as you can, if certain influences are possible.

Positive, Negative or Null Influences

By considering the definition of your names, you got positive meanings. Are these positive factors visible in your life? If, for example, your name means Peace, do you feel that in your life, in your relationships, in your soul, you are generally at peace? Or if some particles of your name relate to joy, or light, can you confirm that this is really the case for you?

In case the meaning of your name is fundamentally negative, do you remember instances where this turned out? Moments in your life where you could live the full negative connotation of your name? If so, is it something frequent, or is it just a few isolated occurrences?

Can it also be that some parts of your name have a meaning that appeals to you, that you like, that you want, but that you can not experiment with? Your name means for example wealth, but you go, years after years, debts in debt, financially as well as psychologically?

Choose your name!

Whatever the case that suits you, it’s time for you to choose and change your name! The goal is not necessarily to give up your legal name to wear another one. Not at all. The goal, though symbolic, is to become aware of who you are and are called to be, and to affirm.

If your name is meaningful, but you have not experienced enough of its positive aspects, then it’s time to take ownership, awareness, and wear it proudly.

If your name has a meaning that does not go in a positive direction, or seems to overwhelm you with dark and unenviable sides, then do not hesitate to choose a nickname more in line with your dreams, your aspirations, your ambitions , or the personality you want to develop. To make the adventure more exotic, explore the meaning of what you aspire to in other languages, and adopt the version that speaks to you the most.

But that’s not all! Once you have chosen your new name (or nickname), use it, if only in your immediate circle: family members, close friends, trusted colleagues, and so on. Share your vision and your approach. And when they call you by that little name, it’s not just a good chance to smile or laugh. More than that, this name sounds in your soul as a reminder of who you are, who you want to become, who you want the world to see in you.