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What the Toronto Raptors taught me

A few days ago, I had the joy and privilege of witnessing the final victory of the Toronto Raptors on Golden State. Beyond the many strong emotions that this campaign has generated, I realized that it has also brought many lessons.

Do not be afraid of your ambitions.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Your Ambitions - I Wear The Words Of Life

A few seconds after the dramatic victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, the club’s president, Masai Ujiri, said at the microphone of the journalist who interviewed him that they (the Raptors) were certainly happy with what they had done, but did not were not satisfied. To the point of almost promising to win the final against Golden State!

At that moment, I asked myself: “But what is he doing?” He has the right to wish it, to think so. But to take this form of commitment, in front of the whole world, it is perhaps put too much pressure on a team which, the year before still, seemed to collapse in front of expectations placed in them, although legitimate.

But no! Two weeks later, with hindsight, I realize that’s what we had to do. That’s what you should do. Not only because they finally won. No. That’s what you have to do all the time. Have ambition, and not be ashamed.

It is important not to confuse having ambition, not being ashamed, and being pretentious. The line is often fine though. But basically, do not be afraid to be big. We must not fear the great victories. Neither the adversities that often come with.

Declare what you want to get. Believe in it. Work for it.

In one of the scenes reported by Head Coach Nick Nurse, we learn that when the dinosaurs went to the stronghold of the Warriors, Coach asked his players to win just one of two matches. But Kawhi instead chose to have the goal of winning the 2 away matches. And that’s what they did.

If doing so is a feat, it is in my opinion the fact to first declare it, believe it, and work for who made the big difference. Indeed, in many cases, here is what would have been the approach:

  • Just win one of the two matches.
  • Try to win one, then see what happens next.
  • Do his best.
  • Etc.

No! Although these goals are not bad or shameful in themselves, they are limited and inherently limiting. No. On the contrary, you have to express what you want, what you are, what you want to be. Then believe it, and work for it.

Do not settle for crumbs or little things.

Declare And Work For It - I Wear The Words Of Life

It’s a little after the first point, do not be afraid to have ambitions.

Some situations are positive, and sometimes enviable by many others. Think about it: The Raptors, champions of their conference for the first time since the beginning of their story, several years after having broken each time the nose in 1/2 final. It’s good, really good. Many (including me) would have seen some form of accomplishment. But no, that was not the case either with President Masai Ujiri, Captain Kyle Lowry, or the superstar in power, Kawhi Leonard either. Fortunately for us.

Being able to aim better than what we once did or do is good. But sometimes it’s not enough. As long as there is room to evolve, to move forward, we must not deprive ourselves, always in a spirit of respect and humility, because there is no question of apologizing for contempt or arrogance.

Leave statistics/analytics to historians.

Leave Analytics To Historians - I Wear The Words Of Life

In this age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, numbers and other data of all kinds are glorified. Statistics sometimes become the main and unique sources of motivation or decision.

We do not really have a problem with that. However, it is important to remember something: statistics are definitions or explanations of the past. They are not necessarily predictions of the future.

So yes, if the data is collected and analyzed correctly, some statistics may give us the trends and directions of the future. However, if it works well with fixed things or phenomena, it is sometimes another story when it comes to human beings, because thanks to their choices and decisions, they have the opportunity to change the course of many people. Things.

Be aware of yourself. Do not always listen to others.

Even as for many years Toronto has managed to be at the head of the Eastern Conference, although on several occasions they have had the assets to hinder the best teams, despite the fact that on their way they have each time overcome opponents potentially better equipped than them, nobody, or almost (except the hard core fans) did not believe in their chances to defeat Golden State. The most friendly people said that even if they had the talent, the fatigue caused by all these epic battles would catch up with them and prevent winning the final fight. Even the best NBA analysts did not see this happening even when Toronto led 3-1!

People will always have opinions. This is their most absolute right. The most important thing is to stay focused on yourself, to know your strengths, your weaknesses. And to work every day to improve. Whether we win or lose, people will always have their opinion.

Seize every opportunity!

Some may say that if Toronto has finally won, it’s because they’ve been lucky, met with diminished teams, and so on.

But what do you want? It is not their fault if some of the opposing players have been injured or absent. On the other hand, it would have been their fault if, despite these “favorable” conditions, they had not managed to take advantage of it.

Passion And Work Led Us Here - I Wear The Words Of Life

Life has its share of surprises that may seem sometimes curious, sometimes unfair, happy for some, and unhappy for others.

However, it is up to everyone to make the best possible management of these events, positive or negative, in order to withdraw, in the short, medium or long term, profits. On this campaign, the Raptors did it. And it’s to their credit, because not everyone would have been capable of it.

Thanks to the Raptors. We do not know what will be done in the future, theirs in particular. But the 2018-2019 season uplifted us to new heights 🙂

Congratulations to the Rapotors, and good luck for the upcoming challenges!

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