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When Life is going too fast

If you’re not careful, things are going to jump in all kinds of directions in your life, and you with them! As Elvis once said, if things go wrong, don’t go with them :-). Life is getting more and more chaotic. And when life is going too fast, we might feel overwhelmed and become less efficient and productive. Here are a couple of simple things you could do to revert the frenetic trend.

Breathe Slowly

The main mechanism through which our body gets fresh air while rejecting the bad one is breathing. And pretty much all our organs needs good amount of quality air to perform better. That’s true notably for our heart and brain.

Breathe Slowly
Take conciously sometime to stop, and breathe out and in, slowly, repeatedly.

When we are overstimulated by life, data, fear or anything else, the normal behaviour consists in … holding our breath, or at least reducing it. That’s why when you’re nervous, shy or afraid, your rythm becomes somehow wacky.

Under some circumstances, this could be a life saver. Just imagine you being chased in the bush. You succeed in finding a spot to hide. In order not to be found by the predator, you might hold your breath not to make noise, for instance.

Well, if this could be useful in some (movie) situations, in most cases, it will be harmful, as it deprives your brain from good quantities of air. Without enough air in your brain, you might not make proper decisions.

So, if things start going mad, take conciously sometime to stop, and breathe out and in, slowly, repeatedly. Even though this might not remove whatever stressful situation from the background, it will at least help you assess it far more better.

Remove distractions

Everything seems to be designed to capture our attention nowadays. Everything. Everywhere. Everyday. And the Pope of this agenda are … our smartphones, tablets, wearable and smart devices. In short : technology.

When things start going on strange paths, give yourself a chance to stay alive by removing anything which might draw uselessly your attention. Put away, or better, turn off anything related to screens and smart devices.

Remove Distractions
Time Invaders!!!

You do not necessarily have to do it for long. Sometimes, just 20 to 30 minutes away from those could give you back a pretty decent amount of your own life!!!

Gather your Toughts

Trying to do or manage several (too many) things at once is tempting, especially today, when we have so many tools and systems able to process these huge amounts of data simultaneously. Those tools, we’ve incorporated them into our lifes, to the extend of sometimes wearing or carrying them on us.

Gather Your Thoughts

By doing so, we unconcisously inherited some of their behaviours. But, of course, this is not always beneficial for our lives.

What to do then? Just focus. Focus on the most important things to do. Process them one by one, and clear them on the go. Garbage in, garbage out!

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