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4 Simple Ways To Boost The New Year

For a few days (or even a few weeks), we will be overwhelmed by wishes of all kinds, by the wishes of others and ours. But how many of you know that these wishes, most of the time, will be nothing more than wishes? For this not to be the case in 2019, discover with us 4 simple ways to boost the new year.

Best wishes

Sending and receiving greetings is part of a tradition that has been true to itself for a long time, and which intensifies particularly between the months of December and January. But if you have a certain age, then you may have noticed that this ritual has become almost monotonous. The same wishes come back every year, with the same formulas generally. If most of the time it is with sincerity that one gives them, it happens sometimes that it is more formulas of politeness than true wishes. And even if these vows are sincere, thought, they remain in the state of wish, and are not always reflected in our lives.

Your responsibility

We do not have control over some aspects of our lives. However, if we examine the wishes we receive from family and friends, we will find that the vast majority of them depend on us, at least in part.

Here are some of the things we can do to improve our future results.

Sit Back And Count Your Blessings

Our memories sometimes tend to better remember our failures, our pains, our shortages, our needs. If we do not put enough effort, our success will often go under the radar, which should not be the case.

On the contrary, let’s take time, and let’s focus on what worked, gave us pleasure, made us smile. This will allow us to

  • realize that we are not so bad
  • discover that there are more positive situations than we think
  • improve our confidence in ourselves and our abilities
  • ride the wave of positive energy that these discoveries have brought to us

Aim High, Make Decisions and Take Action

  • After going through an average or even bad year, we may have a tendency to lower our objectives. This is not a bad thing in itself, especially if the first goals were not logical or realistic. That being said, aiming higher must always be part of our strategy.


  • When setting objectives to be achieved, they must be accompanied by a strategy, an action plan. The options will often be many, and not always optimal for what one seeks to accomplish. This will require decisions in the best interest of the project or situation.


  • Goals are defined, strategies are established. It only remains to act, act without delay. The obstacles will not be missed. But we will have to find a way to stay focused and stay on course. Be careful though, do not try to stay the course at all costs. Sometimes changing course along the way can be beneficial. Take a step back, stop to think better, to rest, may be relevant.

Sleep before Midnight

Celebrating one’s victories, having goals and action plans, and acting is not always enough to lead us in the right direction. These are good ingredients, but they are not enough. To be realized, they will need the best possible version of you, both mentally and physically.

But a healthy body is a well-nourished and well-rested body. If one often tends to try to feed one’s body well, this is less true when it comes to resting it. Everything in today’s society contributes to making it difficult: more delicate working hours, visual pollution, countless wires and series, and so on.

It seems that sleeping better, even before midnight, could have considerable benefits. It will not always be possible, but if you have the opportunity, do not miss it. It will only do you good.

Learn more

We never stop learning. And the things we learn will always serve us, at one time or another, one way or another. Let’s take advantage of every situation, good or bad, and try to get the most out of it. Do not just live like, and do not allow events to happen around us for free.

On the other hand, let’s look for new horizons, new skills, new challenges. That’s how we grow up, that’s how we’ll advance.

And next year, at the same time, our list of achievements will be greater.