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Regain the Upper Hand

Today, more than ever in the history of humanity, we are easily invaded by and cultivate all kinds of negative internal states. Worries, murmurs, discouragement, defeatism, negative thoughts are just some of the emotions we compose, but sometimes we compose or maintain them squarely.

Although this is often a consequence of the times in which we live, our environment or the circumstances surrounding us, Rather than passively endure them, why not take responsibility for managing our internal states to avoid disaster ad?

These emotions

According to the book of Proverbs, the person who does not rule his mind is a city in ruins, without walls (Proverbs 25.28). Such a person will leave the door open to all kinds of emotions or feelings. And unfortunately, these are not always positive.

On the contrary, consider our emotional states for what they are: interesting signals informing us of what is happening in our heart, valuable indications to treat in the best way it is.

Think About It


We are not helpless against our bad thoughts, we are not limited to our negative moods. Letting go and blaming them is just one way to hide the real problem.

It is possible for us to stop these negative internal states as soon as we become aware of them. Indeed, there is a host of positive internal states such as the courage, the love, the enthusiasm, the clarity of mind, the self-control that are within our reach, and waiting for our will active to be part of us (2 Timothy 1.7)

What will be your decision today? Let the (stressful) news, the weather, the politics, the economy and the frustrations of life dictate the thermometer of your days? Or make the decision to seize all the tremendous potential already present in you, including turning to the creator your gaze in all circumstances (Psalms 34: 6)?

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