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Time To Change

The season of results has arrived. We look back, we examine what we did. What can we change? What worked? What did not work? What are the things that made us smile? Which ones made us cry? Where did the surprises come from? How were the unexpected handled? The list of questions are numerous.

But these questions are often accompanied by reflections and decisions. If some things have not worked, then we may have some adjustments to make. In our attitudes, in our habits, in our thoughts, in our environment. But sometimes, also in that of others.

Do not be afraid of change

Some people do not like going out of their comfort zone. Some people do not like to change the recipe that works, the one they have always used. While this is understandable, we must not forget that change is often vital. In some cases, refusing to change is to refuse to evolve, to move forward.

Change is often Vital

Change is part of our lives. In us and all around us, things, people, situations change, one way or another. Not necessarily at the same speed. But everything changes. Not to change is sometimes to let oneself be overtaken by events and to resign oneself to staying behind.

Embrace Change

Change, yes! But not change at any cost, or change anytime or anywhere. Changes often occur to move us forward, evolve. Change must make us better, faster, stronger, smarter, more relevant. There are always opportunities to improve what we are, what we do. Do not they say that perfection is not of this world? Everything is perfectible. It would be easier to stay on track, but that is not part of our nature.

Be The Change

The playground of these transformations will often be ourselves. Our habits, our attitudes, our abilities and all other aspects of our life are elements that need improvement, optimization, change. And there will come cases where for change to illuminate our environment, it will have to go through us.

Especially if the expected change is something that we want to see. If it takes too long to manifest, then let’s be the change we want to see.

Breathe Change

After making changes in oneself, why not consider changing our environment of life, work, good, light. If we do not have enough power or influence, we can always infuse this change with our suggestions and our proposals. Some will be refused. It does not matter. Whoever tries nothing does not attempt anything. One of our proposals will eventually be approved, and offer the expected change.

Bring Change

If you have enough influence to make things happen, do not let your environments stay the same from one period to the next. Bring the change that will make you and your loved ones go from good to beautiful, from glittering to sparkling.

It’s time to change!