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What defines you?

Even though some resolutions might already be out of race at the beginning of this year, we understand that something needs to be done, it’s time to change. Change, despite the discomfort it might induce, can still be very beneficial in our lives. Change can be good, very good. It can be rewarding to change. But change what? Change who? Change why?

Charity begins at home

When there are many lines of thought, many things to manage or take into account, but we do not know where to start, the most effective is often to start with what is simpler and more immediate.

In the case of changes, starting the change process by oneself is rarely a bad option, before you consider changing anything else. However, we do not change for nothing, or simply for the pleasure of change. Generaly, we will be inclined to change something if

  • it’s not good or good enough
  • it does not match what we’ve expected
  • it does not work anymore
  • it is no longer adequate or appropriate

To establish such a statement, it would therefore be necessary to

  • identify, know what is there, what we have
  • recognize its characteristics, good or bad
  • evaluate areas that work, those that work less, and those that may not even have worked

What defines you : What about a personality test ?

Some of you are probably able to say very precisely what defines them, in terms of skills, attitudes, habits, desires, dreams, etc. Others are not able at all. Some others will not necessarily be able to put words on what they know, but still, they know.

Whatever the case may be, you could take advantage of using one of the many personality tests that are available. Some will require some fees, others are free. Some are serious and precise, others are wacky and completely random 🙂

You can find below two free personality tests, which could be a starting point :

Go ahead, take a couple of your time, and go through one of these tests 🙂

What is the point?

Suppose you come across a good personality test, and that it can actually illustrate your character traits. The goal is not to just let it categorize you. No, it’s more than that. These kinds of tests, when they are well done, must be tools for you. Tools that help you

  • to put specific words on the aspects of your personality
  • to clearly identify your strengths
  • to objectively recognize your weaknesses or your possible limitations

Even if you do not necessarily like the results, do not steer, and try to understand and analyze it, as objectively as you can.

If you find yourself up within the descriptions, it will be a good starting point. You will know the main features that can define you. From that moment, point all the strengths, and try to trace/identify them in your life. If you succeed, keep them in mind, and find ways to strengthen them, develop them, optimize them.

For limits or bad sides, do not run away, face them. Identify them in your attitudes and habits, and take steps to get rid of them. In a conscious way. Every day. One small step at a time. Even if certain habits seem rooted in you and may be hard to get rid of, making a conscious, constant and progressive effort will empower you to reduce them over time, or even eliminate them.

So, based on these tests, which profile do you belong to? Does this definition match with your reality? What are your strategies to counteract or eliminate the natural weaknesses of your character? Tell us a little in the comments section!

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